83% Of Indians Give Thumbs Up To India’s Economy Post Demonetisation

Today, 3 years of Modi government has been completed. To know about the bad decisions regarding demonetisation of the Government, what has affected our lives, daily Bhaskar asked 15 questions in its survey.

83% Of Indians Give Thumbs Up To India’s Economy Post Demonetisation

India’s Economy Post Demonetisation

India’s Economy Post Demonetisation

In this survey in 29 States and Union Territories, 2,03,249 people from across the country held their opinion. Thus it has emerged as the largest survey by any government in the country till date.

How did the survey?

– Questions were asked about Modi‘s work in 29 states, 492 districts, 1328 cities and 433 villages. The information survey obtained by the survey conducted by the survey for nine days has done by professional survey agency Market Seapheesan. In the survey, the common people have included Modi‘s best five steps to eliminate surgical strikes, note banning demonetisation, bookmakers and red light.

Survey highlights

India’s Economy Post Demonetisation

India’s Economy Post Demonetisation

– 83% Of Indians Give Thumbs Up To India’s Economy Post Demonetisation. They noted the demonetisation as a good step. 52% of the respondents said the method of notation was the most disappointing step.

– Overall, 43% think Modi is the Prime Minister who works for the good of country. The biggest issue involving the common people is that people are surrounded by the Modi government on inflation.

– According to the 68% people, inflation has not declined in three years. Similarly, according to 62% of the people, they still have to face corruption in everyday life. Of these, 42% said that even in three years of Modi, the situation did not improve on corruption at individual level.

– People expressed anguish over the attitude of the government against Pakistan. According to 55% it has been disappointing. 61% of the people in the survey believed that Modi, who spoke candidly on every issue, was silent on the controversial issues.

– On the level of functioning of Modi Government, people have given average number seven in ten. According to the survey, 56% of the people, if elections are held today, Modi will win more than 2014 seats.

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So is the Popularity of Modi increased or decreased post demonetisation?

– Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Maharashtra, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Karnataka and Bengal are such states, where more than 25% people gave Modi 10 out of 10 numbers.
A share of percentage where Modi is most supported …
# 24.55% – East
# 26.28% – North
# 12.70% – South
# 24.01% – Central India
# 30.51% – west

However Kashmir, inflation, fails in women’s protection, even then 77% people support Modi.
There are many surprising facts in the survey. Modi is considered a favorite leader of the youth, new facts have changed this belief. Modi is also popular among the youth, the same women and the elderly.
– In view of the numbering of Modi government numbers, 79% of the women surveyed have given Modi number six or more out of ten. The same situation is of the elderly. Approx 77% of the elderly appreciated with Modi’s decisions and work.

This situation seems to be happening even in favor of Modi. Because in the ten states where elections are to held in the next two years, 79% of the people have given Modi six or more marks out of ten. In cities more than towns, people were standing in favor of bankrolling. Figures are also shocking. Because those who have failed the government on issues of inflation, corruption and women’s security, they passed by good marks at the level of overall functioning.

– However, the South did not give full marks. While surgical strikes emerged as the biggest step in the rest of the states, the South considered the base as the most important. Similarly, Flexi fare was considered the second best step in trains.

India’s Economy Post Demonetisation

India’s Economy Post Demonetisation

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About half of the people are in favor of Modi’s election

– A question this year in the Bhaskar survey was also about the style of Modi who spoke openly on every issue. Most people from Uttar Pradesh, who are associated with the Ram Mandir, Slaughterhouses disputes, believe that there are often silence on issues related to Modi controversy.

– In the ten states where elections are to held, 58% of the voters are appearing in favor of Modi. This is the figure of those who believe that if Modi is elected today, he will win more than 2014 seats.

– The special thing that came out of the survey was that people were most appreciative of the things that were new, away from leaks and traditional reforms. This survey was not just about the government, it was also to assess the power of the opposition.

– Most people in the survey said that the opposition looks weak, which is why it is unable to highlight the government’s flaws. Concerns are also for that, because 83% of people think this is where elections are going to happen.

India’s Economy Post Demonetisation

India’s Economy Post Demonetisation

Two important questions related to demonetisation in this survey …
62% people said – I still have to face corruption in everyday life.
According to 68% of people, there has been no decline in Modi’s three years.
… and two questions related to the future of Prime Minister Modi
91% said if Modi is going to win again in the elections in the country today then Modi will again win.
According to 59% of the people, Modi will bring more than 2014 seats in 2019.


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